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Bill Westerhoff

Bill Westerhoff’s digital photography has won numerous awards in photographic and photographic art competitions and is well loved and collected by nature lovers up and down the East Coast.

Bill Westerhoff lived in New Jersey until 1992 when he retired to Florida. He has been interested in photography all of his life starting with a make-shift darkroom that he built in the basement of his family home when he was a teenager.  Although he was not aware at the time, the advent of personal computers in the early 1980’s was to have a significant impact of his future photographic endeavors. Bill immediately became convinced that PC’s held incredible potential. He introduced PC’s to the accounting firm in which he was to later become a senior partner and, along with his other duties, was put in charge of the firm’s computer department which he helped to develop into a very significant part of the firm’s operations.

His interest in personal computers continued after he retired and he developed a fine reputation as a computer instructor and consultant. With the advent of the digital image revolution at the turn of the century, his interest in personal computers inevitably led him back to his latent love of photography.

Now Bill’s personal computer became his digital darkroom and his new digital cameras reopened his eyes to the world around him. He completely immersed himself in his new-found avocation. He quickly became a digital expert and switched his teaching efforts to the digital arena. A reputation as one of the best teachers of digital imaging soon developed.   When not teaching others, Bill is busy capturing breathtaking images of the birds and flowers that are bountiful in his tropical paradise.