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M. Douglas Walton
Doug Walton’s extraordinary childhood experience led to a profound sensitivity to nature which is reflected in his art today. Raised in Carmen, Oklahoma he spent his formative years inflicted with a mysterious inability to communicate through speech. Unable to pronounce consonants, he found it easier to remain silent than be ridiculed for his totally unintelligible speech. This barrier forced him into an internal world of exploration, where he discovered and nurtured a keen spiritual realm of existence. At the age of sixteen he overcame his speech problem and began a unique adventure in life which led to the discovery of a special talent and ability to communicate through the teaching of watermedia painting. Over the years he has developed this powerful gift to open new worlds to others by teaching a system of creative thought through the medium of painting.
After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1995 from Oklahoma State University Walton did graduate work while on a teaching fellowship and became Associate Professor of Architecture at Lousiana Tech University. He took a watercolor workshop and subsequently taught watercolor classes as well as architecture. In the fall of 2005 Walton will have completed his 29th annual WATERCOLOR ENCOUNTER workshop program. He has taught workshops throughout the United Sates and in countries around the world including Dubai, South Africa, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Guatemala, China and Europe.
While in Indonesia he became enamored with the purity of Balinese silver and began creating first belt buckles and then jewelry using fused glass encased in silver. These designs formed the basis of a line of unique pendants which he creates in his studio in Louisiana and has assembled in Bali according to his specifications. The results are one- of-a-kind pieces of art which are being collected all over the country.
M. Douglas Walton was the recipient of a National Communication award by the National Council of Communicative Disorders in Washington DC where he was recognized for having become and effective communicator through speech and art and for his active support of communication services.
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