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James Gann
Born in San Antonio, TX
Lives in Narrowsburg, NY

1998 MFA Queens College, Queens, NY
1996 BFA University of Texas, Austin, TX

James Gann's layered and distinctive working method creates a continuous flow of information about pop culture, world politics, and personal experiences and situations. "I get my ideas from everywhere and piece them together." Using hidden underground meanings appropriated or lifted from life, history, art history, music (hip hop, jazz, roots, punk rock, country and indie), people, politics and current media headlines, Gann combines them into a visual news report for the venacular. Currently his paintings combine urban and rural aesthetics... intricate backgrounds with graffiti stenciled edges juxtaposed with characters either hand drawn or appropriated from a vast collection of predetermined images.

The result is an abundance of layers targeting a graphic and sometimes naive image, usually of absurd or satirical intent. Initially, the viewer is assaulted by the centrifugal image so graphically displayed, but upon further exploration the viewer discovers just how beautiful and intricate these layers really are. At that moment the viewer is drawn into the painting and the image that was once so bold becomes a passing yet familiar moment not to be forgotten.

The often subtle outcome of the subject matter opens up the viewers participation in which they can decide what the painting is about, without overt justification from the artist. They are what they are. Paintings of ideas pieced together like a visual poem. Paintings by James Gann.

James Gann grew up in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Currently he lives in upstate New York with his partner Teressa, and their two young children Ayden and Tallula.