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Molly Jackson

"The real thing is not to make an absolute copy of nature but to know it so well that what one makes is fresh and true."

- Vincent Van Gogh

Among the New England woods Molly Jackson observed and admired her surroundings while growing up. Taking lessons in color and form, she learned of natural beauty. At the early age of four Molly realized the importance of accessorizing, ie: choosing her pink gingham apron-dress to accompany her new pink drum set on Christmas morning.

At sixteen, while in highschool and between working two jobs and living in her first apartment, Molly began to formally develop her creativity with studies in silversmithing and art history. Training for five years mainly in lost-wax casting of silver rings, she had an appropriate background for the new material she was about to discover. Molly confesses, "The first time I put glass in the flame, I fell in love!
Glass has an amorphous structure and freely lends itself to the fluid lines of my modern designs, it allows me to give form to my ideas."

She was caught between the subtleties of nature and her grand ideas of fashion but found balance in working with hot glass. After studying flameworking for three years, Molly established her studio and several desired pieces of glass jewelry. With her entrepreneurial spirit, a lifelong passion for the natural and an ongoing search for the perfect accessories the decision was clear. Molly combined her innate city style with her solid country grounding and began work on her first collection of Pyrex glass jewelry in 2000.

Each hand shaped piece has personality, life and movement. Molly has taken this ancient craft and has brought forth new, yet timeless, versatile pieces of wearable art. The MDJ studio continues to design and produce jewelry that is in harmony with and embodies Molly?s personal style. The studio?s clientele and list of admirers is growing, creating a demand for these unexpected luxury items and Molly is continually experimenting with fresh and new applications for wearable glass.

Consistently sought after and featured in many major influential fashion and design magazines worldwide (from Italian, Japanese and Chinese Vogues to Harper's Bazaar South Africa to New York's own City
Magazine) Molly Jackson's wearable-art has also appeared on Britney Spears in the "Toxic" video and on Heatherette's runways in Osaka and Manhattan.

A marvelously unexpected vision, Molly Jackson accessories are becoming quite collectable. The current line of luminescent glass jewelry is inspired by graceful pure style and precious detail.