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Whit Ingram
Whit Ingram, born December 2 1948 Pasadena, California.

Education : BA MA  Fine Arts , University of California at Berkeley .

Whit lived in the Berkeley Oakland area for a decade where he worked and studied with influential artists Peter Voulkos and Robert Hudson. His shows at that time included 'The Metal Experience' at the Oakland Museum . After moving his studio to the San Francisco area his work was included in the 'New Bay Area Artists' exhibit at the San Fransisco Art Institute. In Manhattan , where he lived from 1983 to 1987, he was included in 'Emerging Artists' and 'New Perspectives in American Art' both at the Guggenheim Museum . Whit has also had studios in Long Island , New York and Vinal Haven , Maine.

He presently lives with his wife Una in the San Francisco Bay area where his studio is  a 1,200 square foot boat house in the Arques Shipyard in Sausalito . He is represented in San Francisco by the Takada Gallery.

Whit's work is included in collections both public and private such as:

The Guggenheim Museum , Exxon, The Firemans Fund, Alta Bates, Sylvia Brown and Brian Wall, Austin Conkey, Bill and Geraldine Gammell, Fred Marer, Daryl and Robert Reed.


"By virtue of Ingram's sparing use of material and the extreme linearity of his forms, even the most three dimensional pieces  are like drawings in space" (Diane Waldman , Curator Guggenheim Museum)

"We --- see from Mrs Waldeman's championing of --- Whit Ingram that she has (a) discerning eye for work that speaks in a whisper". (John Russell, New York Times)

"Whit Ingram is a unique artist . His art is not abstract nor figurative. His art is not color field nor hard edge. His art is not narrative nor political and it is not decorative nor graffitti. Therefore, it is pure fine art". (Takada Wilson, The Takada Gallery, San Francisco)